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Qeust 2 Battery obsolescence issue

Level 3

Hello, It may be lacking because it is a question through a translator. Please understand.

My Quest 2 battery, which has been in use for a year and two months, has had a problem.

No matter how you use it, it doesn't charge more than 56% and you can only use it for about 20 minutes after charging.

The result is the same even after a few hours of charging.

The same is true for attempting battery calibration after factory initialization and full discharge.

I bought it through an official Korean distributor, but it is said that it cannot be repaired.

Does Oculus not provide repair support?
Is there only a way to buy a new device?


It takes 2 week.

And problem is solved 🙂

It took them 2-3 months to replace a faulty controller for me.