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Quest (1) cannot find profile/apps/anything

Level 2

I have an Oculus Quest (1st version - black, not white). I haven't used it for a while, but had the time to have a little play. It is unable to find my account or any of my previously purchased apps. I am really hoping that Meta has not catagorized my original Oculus Quest as redundant - because I am not going to shell out more money for another one. Can I please be assured that I have not lost my profile and about £250-worth of apps/games?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

@ansonort Oh boy, that's quite the frustration. 


No worries, I can assure you've not lost any purchases in the time you were gone.


There are a good couple of things you can test out if you're unsure:

  • Log out of the Meta Quest app then uninstall it. 
  • Reboot your headset:
    • Turn off the headset.
    • Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together until the boot menu loads.
    • Use the Volume Buttons to highlight Boot Device and press the Power Button.
  • Reinstall and log back into the Meta Quest app.


Let me know if that seems to be of some help 🙂