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Quest 1 stuck on boot screen (like others). Bricked.

Level 3

I recently suffered the issue where my Quest (1) is stuck on the white oculus "eye" pill shaped symbol. I've done the power+volume button factory reset a few times with no luck. It's pretty much bricked and stuck on that loading screen.  😞


There are a few other threads posted in various forums of this happening to Quest1 and similar issue with the Quest2.

I've had it since xmas 2019. I bought some extra things for it in january 2020 so have been using it on and off since then. Jan 2020 -> Jan 2021 -> +8 months to now more or less. 1 yr + 8 months is not a good run. Of course usa warranty period is only 1 yr... (2 yrs in europe apparently though)

The loading screen has always seemed a slow boot and that toggle press for x # of seconds power button style sucks imo. I mean, I get that it's bascially a phone I guess but now it's a bricked phone.

I didn't slam it or drop it or anything like that. I mostly played games with it sitting down lately before this happened for that matter. It started getting stuck on boot on occasion to where I'd have to hold the button down to cold-shut down and then restart it. Now it's permanently stuck/bricked. Very disappointing.

I had been considering getting the quest 2 at some point but after this, if left out to dry,  I'm going to skip it.


Level 3

 There are other people it has happened to:


2 months ago

>Hey people! I’ve had my quest 1 for over a year now and I’ve encountered a few issues, but I’ve been able to fix them all until now. Basically my device will power on but it’s stuck on the oculus loading icon and won’t boot up past that. And ideas/solutions?







I opened a ticket yesterday.


So far it is a somewhat generic response, which seems to ignore of what I stated in my original support ticket regarding me having done/attempted the factory reset several times already with no change:

Please be sure to allow your headset to charge for at least two hours to ensure the headset is fully charged. Once left to charge, hold down the power button for at least 30 seconds to allow it to turn on. If your headset continues to not power on, follow the steps below:

• Try another known working charging cable.

• If you were unable to see an LED light previously, does the LED light up?

• Use another power adapter with the Oculus Quest charging cable to rule out an issue with the adapter.

• Plug the headset in to another outlet or computer.

• Attempt to complete a reboot of the headset by holding down the power and volume (-) at the same time for 30 seconds to load the boot menu. Hit exit and reboot from the menu.

1 : I’ve used different cables and it doesn’t seem to have a problem charging at all. It will drain eventually if left off of the charger.
2 : The whole LCD screen lights up, showing the oculus “eye”/ headset logo. It is stuck there and never progresses.
3 : I’ve used different cables and adapters and it doesn’t seem to have a problem charging at all. It will drain eventually if left off of the charger.
4 : I’m using this stand alone since I don’t have my gaming PC set up right now - so the oculus quest has not been plugged into a computer at all for months. I’ve been using it stand alone which is the primary reason I bought the headset. I shouldn’t be required to connect it to a pc.
5 : As I stated in my initial email – I’ve performed the “volume button + power button” factory reset several times with no change.

I’ve very disappointed that I got 20 months out of this device before it bricked itself.

Level 3

If anyone is reading this, please refer to this other thread in "general" since that is the one I got a reply from a support representative from oculus on: