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Quest 1 won't connect to PC/Mac over USB

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I'm trying to get a Quest 1 fully up and running so I can use it with my PC.  I have a Quest 2, and have no issues there.  I have completed multiple factory resets on the Quest 1 and using an older apk (v209) on an older android phone to have the Quest 1 re-paired to the account and to be able to interact with it.  I have searched through the forums here, and other mega threads available to no avail.  

Is there something I am missing?

I have used at least 10 different cables, USB C to C, USB A to C, etc.

I have 6 different computers, both Windows 10/11 and Mac, I have tried to have the Quest 1 "connect" to.  The Quest 1 will charge, just won't establish a data connection over USB.  AirLink works, but I cannot enable wireless ADB without the cable connection first.  If a Moderator or Member here can point me in the right direction to get help, that would be really nice.

Thanks for your time and assistance with this.



Make sure you are using cable that has data trnasfering capabilities, most cables are designed to charge devices, they have only 2 wires (positive and negative) on other hand data cables have 4 wires (power negative and positive and also data+ and data-)

Correct, I made sure the cables being used were for both data and power.  I had ran into the issue in the past with other devices 🤣, thinking I used the correct cable when it wasn't the right one at all.

The issue I have is that when the headset is plugged into a PC/Mac, I will hear the charging chime, but no notification of data connection.  The PC/Mac doesn't even see the device.  It will see the Quest 2 headset I have, and any other device I plug in, just not the Quest 1.  Which is leading me to believe it is a headset port issue or logic board issue.

I am sorry, I dint pay that much attention while reading. I assumed you were using quest 2

We can confirm if the PC detected your Quest 1 with the help of the Oculus Logs, it'll also show all the errors that may be occurring and causing this issue of it not displaying a data connection properly.

You'll have to either Submit a Ticket or send a private message to MetaQuestSupport, either of those contact points can work with you in retrieving your Oculus Logs and look into this issue further.

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