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Quest 2, 3 & Pro - Connectivity Issues


Hi everyone;


I have a Quest 3 and cannot connect the the wifi (it's a freebox, french internet provider).

Steps i took to troubleshoot : 

1 - I did manage to connect the quest to my cellphone via hotspot.

2 - I factory reseted the quest and retried to connect to the freebox via passwords and QR code.

3 - I trued to connect the quest via the phone app.

4 - Rooter was rebooted, i was in the same room etc.

5 - We have all other devices connecting without problem to this rooter.


Thanks for your help





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Thank you for letting us know, @QuantumShogun. Since the troubleshooting has not given you a resolution, we would love to gather further information from our PMs. Would you please send us a PM so we can proceed with assisting you with this issue? To do so, please select our name to get to our profile page, or click here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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hi, have you solved the issue?

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After updating to the v64 PTC AirLink is completely unusable. Performance is very unstable and WiFi completely disconnects, crashing AirLink. I've seen reports of the happening on Quest 2, Quest Pro, and obviously on my Quest 3. I use a UniFi U6 Enterprise AP connected to the 6GHz band via WiFi 6E and have not had any WiFi issues prior to v64.

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Have you found a way to connect?

I have also a freebox and have done the same steps than you

no success 😞

Hey there, @Guad67189! We don't want Wi-Fi connection issues getting in the way of you being able to enjoy VR to the fullest!

To ensure you are connected correctly to Wi-Fi please be sure to follow the steps from our link: here

If it's still not connecting, please try the following: 

  • Remove any unsupported third-party accessories that may affect communication (such as headset covers, etc.)
  • Try connecting to a different network.

Please let us know if that helped out or if more assistance is needed, as we're always more than happy to help! 

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We recently changed internet providers and now have a new Wi-Fi Router. We have the same network name and password. With all of our other devices I had to "Forget network" and then reconnect using same name and password and it has worked. I tried this on my Oculus Meta Quest 2 and it will not connect. It keeps asking me to check that I have the correct password, which I do. I have tried a hard reset and that has not helped. Any suggestions?

Hi again, @Guad67189! We just wanted to see if you still needed help with the Wi-Fi connection issues you were experiencing; if so, please don't hesitate to reach out to us, as we're always here to assist! 

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I have the same issue


Honored Guest

I recently got a quest 3 and i can't seem to get pass the setup phase.

I have a working internet connection but i get a "limited connection" when connect to the quest 3.

I don't seem to make any progress on the updating firmware part of the setup process.

I've have tried several reboots of the the quest and my router.

Please help.

Hi @ntowkummi  not sure if this will fix it but please take a look at the solution in this thread (might be a time/date issue):


Big PC, all the headsets, now using Quest 3
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