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Quest 2 3 dots after Meta logo then black screen.

Level 2

So after like 8weeks of not using the Quest 2 i start it up to find that it won't boot past the Meta logo. I start it it starts normally it then shows 3 dots then after 5secs procceds to turn of the screen and when woken up just shows a gray screen with 3 dots but nothing else not even audio. It seems to me like it's bricked it self tryed factory reset serval times but the problem persists also mobile app connects but dosent actually work.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey, Legoman!


Oh goodness! It seems you've got quite the predicament. This is the last thing we wanted! Members of our awesome VR family should be able to experience and enjoy VR without having to deal with such complications. Luckily you have us to point you in the right direction! Moving forward let's have you get in contact with some of our most awesome friends over at our main support channel here:


Over there, they have a wide array of tools at their disposal that could prove to be beneficial! Whenever you go to select support, you will see choices to choose from to best describe your issue. If you don't see your exact issue from the list of choices, worry not! Simply select the one that's the closest and you'll be well taken care of!