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Quest 2 Air Link Three Dots Randomly

Level 2

I have been using my Quest 2 to play PCVR via Air Link, and it worked flawlessly at first, but as of 4 days ago I randomly get jumpscared with three dots black screen for less than a second, and then connection resumes as normal. It has begun to get really annoying. I am playing on a 5ghz wifi connection that can handle a 200 mbps bitrate, and this problem only started to arise recently. I have reinstalled the Oculus Home app and drivers several times, followed by PC restarts.

Other local game streaming services like Steam Remote Play work flawlessly in high resolution with no dropped frames, I really doubt it is my connection.

I was also using Oculus Tray Tool which I uninstalled and then reinstalled Oculus Home again, with the seemingly no effect. Anyone know a fix?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Heya Wolf_Chan! We recognize your issue, and we'll make every effort to put things right. We'd like you to gather your Oculus Logs. It is very crucial that you do not send your Oculus Logs on this topic or on any other community post.

After you collect your logs, please make a ticket on our Support Website. Once you get in a conversation with someone from our Support Team, you'll present them with your logs and the problem you are having. They will be better equipped to give you assistance in this matter. We look forward to helping you and getting you back into VR!