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Quest 2 - Airlink disconnecting frequently, and sometimes won't connect at all.

Level 2

Meta really needs to work the stability of Airlink connections.  It's such a great feature, but it's so flaky.


- Airlink never stays connected for very long.  It definitely disconnects after a few minutes if take my headset off for more than a few minutes.  


-Fairly often, it gets into a mode where my PC shows as an "Available PC", but it's "Not connected" and I'm not able to connect.  The Wifi is connected just fine, and the Quest2 can clearly see the PC, but it can't connect.  When it gets into this mode, the only solution I've found is to restart my PC.


It's good, of course, to have a fix that works, but I shouldn't have to restart my PC to get AirLink working again. When I search about this issue, a PC restart is the solution I see the most.  But it's a bad solution.   


Level 2

Same for me, but when I also try and launch it when it is stable, it just disconnects.

Level 4

Same here. No mention by Oculus if they are working on it, have plans to address it, nothing... I guess they just continue to blow off the customers who bought the older product like they expect everyone here to buy the newest model. After the total hell Ive been through with both the Rift S and the Q2, no thanks. Im done with Oculus products.