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Quest 2 Battery Decreasing at 1% per minute while on Home Screen

Level 2

Hi there, I've encountered something which strikes me as odd, but I don't know if it's just a characteristic of the high power the headset draws


I've noticed that if I sit and watch the battery life and keep checking the clock, it's actually draining at roughly 1% per minute - no apps open, just on the home screen. I was wondering if anybody else could confirm if their headset does this? (my headset is brand new also, only a few days old/played) - I also have been taking it off charge at the green light at it has been at 97-98%.

I worked out that at this rate - I'll have under 2 hours play time, even if I'm doing absolutely nothing, nevermind if I'm playing high graphic games that take a lot from the battery.


Here's a video I sent to Meta Support showing exactly what happens:


Ps. I've heavily researched and applied the obvious power saving options - i.e Screen Brightness at 0%, Powered Completely off, Not leaving it on charge overnight etc. The battery decrease is happening when I am doing absolutely nothing.

Any help is appreciated thanks!


Level 3

Hi ChrisJMerchants 

I just got my new Quest 2 as well and I am experiencing the same thing. My battery is draining quickly in sleep mode too 1-2% a hour. I have disabled the auto wake feature but I haven't tried brightness at 0% thanks for that tip. I have made a topic as well too. I'm hoping someone can give us some suggestions. I don't think this high battery drainage is normal. 


How do you set brightness to 0%?

I mean, if it's being used or sitting on standby the battery is for sure going to drain. This is also true for a device that is 100% charged and 100% off. 


If it's losing 1-2 per hour without use, how much does it lose while using? How quickly does the battery drain every hour when you're in game?

Level 7

That is an absolute normal behaviour. Mine does it too since I have the device.

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