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Quest 2 Beat Saber edition requires purchase

Level 2

I bought the Beat Saber edition of Quest 2. I went and installed the app for free. However it is not in my library and not in my orders. When I view Beat Saber in the store - it requires me to purchase it. Where is my free copy of this game?


Level 2

It has been very, VERY difficult to get Beat Saber "free" with new Meta Quest 2. It "came" with Resident Evil 4, which wasn't too hard to locate or install. The email for Beat Saber had a "redeem" button that led to a page that did absolutely nothing. I checked my app for new notifications, checked my email for new messages, and wandered around the VR-verse in circles. I have no idea how it finally appeared in the VR after 30+ minutes of tail-chasing. A much better approach, IMHO, would be to "sell" the app for $0 to customers who qualify.

Hey hey @HamburgerGreen! We are glad to hear your issue is resolved. We hope you enjoy the world of VR!