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Quest 2 Can't access my Old Oculus account and huge connection problems with meta as well

Level 3

I haven’t used the Oculus Quest 2 I bought last Christmas for the family for about 6 months and wanted to start to get games set up for Christmas.

Finally managed top update firmware on my Oculus Quest 2.

Created a new meta account as it wouldn’t let me get into my Oculus account:

forgot password and went Oculus account page to reset password enter email and click send email and get the message: To set a new link go to  xxxx [html removed as forum software won't include it] and click on the link


This just takes me to  login to meta account (!)


On the Quest 2 connected by usb lead to W10 PC will connect Quest 2 eventually after dozens of tries but won’t connect handsets

PC runs like a slug when connected yet works fine with lots of highend apps.

Every time I use headset ,whether connected to PC or not, I get a window saying:

" Use this code to connect you headset go to xxxx can’t show screenshot as device"

[won’t take screenshots any more using the controllers although they work for evrythiong else].


Go to the link 

[Can't upload this sceenshot as upload photo icon won't now upload!!!]  

Enter code press connect to my device and just hangs


Can’t access my old apps.

Won’t connect to store.

Basically I have £300.00 + £60 (apps) pile of junk.

If Victor Meldrew were here I know what else he'd say!!


Level 2

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