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Quest 2 Can’t detect my controller

Level 2

My Quest 2 can’t detect my controller so we followed all the advices but it doesn’t work. Both the controller just keeps vibrating at an interval of 5 seconds- and the screen keeps re-center by itself so it makes it almost impossible to click on any option. I’m only able to turn for briefly 1 second and it will be re-center again


- Removing Batteries for 2-15 mins

- Changing of new batteries

- Unpair-Pairing the controller

- Restarting Headset

- Factory reset 


It was working fine yesterday- this only happens today after my dog walked into the circle and all of a sudden it says “No tracking/Guardian disabled” 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there! Thank you for reaching out! We would love to assist your controller issue. At this time we would like for you to submit a support ticket here so we can look into this further.