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Quest 2 Controller Drift - Returns

Level 2


I have encountered an issue with my left controller, which upon research appears to be a common issue of controller drift. After trying all the online remedies offered by Meta Support, i have now processed a return and received my returns label.

My issue here is that i have to return the faulty unit which is in warranty (less than a month old) and wait for it to be processed and assessed before they send me a replacement. Why should i be unable to use my product because of a common fault that is under warranty! The new device should be sent to me first, following which i should replace it.

No options to contact anyone via phone / email / online chat.. Just a forum.

Not the best customer service to have an unusable VR head set, for which reading the forums could be several weeks! How can i get the replacement first so it can continue to be used?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey Hobsonp1983! We see that you are needing a replacement but are wondering about your options of getting your replacement device first. We do now offer advanced replacement. If we can get you back to our support so they can go over this more with you. Just let them know that you would like to look into your advanced replacement options. We hope this has helped.


thanks for the response. I have followed the link you suggested, but it takes me to the same place I went to last time.. I go through the options, selecting the issue etc and end up with a returns label. The email that follows, states the following (this is a copy and paste quote):

After it's arrived at the return centre, please allow up to 5 to 7 working days for it to be reviewed and for the replacement to be processed.

Can you please advise where the options are to select advanced replacement? I do not see it anywhere and it doesn’t appear to be the default judging by the email.

Hey there, Hobsonp1983! We see there was some confusion with the information given earlier about the advanced replacement option. Currently, it is not available on the self-service part of our website. When you are chatting with a member of our support team, they will be able to process this request for you. We see that you mentioned that the email and return label have been generated for the return. We would suggest continuing with the replacement process to avoid any delays or interruptions in getting the controller replaced. If you have any further questions, please let us know!

Sorry but now I am even more confused.


are you saying I now can’t get the advanced replacement service? You mention taking to someone from support, but I see no contact details other than this forum?

can you please advise how I go about getting the advanced replacement I was advised earlier that I could get? I do not accept not being able to use a brand new device for several weeks due to a common fault.

Hey there! We do apologize for the confusion with the information. We'll provide instructions on how to contact us directly in order to have this investigated and resolved.

First, visit our page here. Once on the main menu, select "Software or Content." Then scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Other software or content issue." You will then have a choice on how you would like to contact us. We recommend using the "Chat" option, as this will connect you with a live agent ready to assist you. We hope to connect with you soon to get this taken care of!