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Quest 2 Customer Service is Horrific

Level 2

This tops it all off. I just typed out my whole experience, and the site logged me out.


Whatever, here’s the short version:


I’ve been through 3 Quest 2’s now trying to get a good replacement, because they send just “refurbished” ones even after saying they’ll send you a new one. They ignore you. They lie to you. They take forever to respond. I filed the first claim in June, and find the flaw in the returns before even logging in on them, so this isn’t a situation where the refurb works for a while and has a problem. They literally send back blatantly flawed headsets, and they’re flat out ignoring it every time I bring up being told I’d receive a new one before sending my original in. We’ve purchased 4 Quest 2 headsets (some as gifts) and about 6 or 7 headsets of other versions through the years. Oculus won’t get another dollar of my money. I’ll be going elsewhere for VR tech on the future for sure. Worst customer service and policies I’ve ever dealt with, and that says a lot.


Level 3


Level 5

Sounds about right. 

Does anyone have a media team contact at Meta we can deal with?

Level 3

Agree! Terrible customer service. 

Level 2

The same with me..terrible customer service sent my quest off with guardian fault and got a refurbished one back with faulty volume button and won't pair with controllers...

They want me to send this back for another refurbished unit the jokers....

Absolute waste of space customer service total knobs especially Barry.....


Level 2

Wish I had seen this before I sent mine back! Customer service is pathetic,like you say they also sent me back a flawed device! I sent my original device back the end of September and I'm still waiting yet!

What I did was go back to the place I bought it..and quoted the consumer rights law. My contract is with them and not quest I was in my years guarantee still and got my money back. they tried to fob me off first but keep on about consumer rights law read up on it..hope it helps