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Quest 2 Left Controller Fails to function & lens bulge

Level 2

Recently, my left Quest 2 controller has stopped working. I am unsure whether I should contact Meta about this or ignore their headache of a support system and outright buy a replacement. I've never dropped my controllers, and I could have never seen this coming. I've bought new batteries, cleaned out the components, as well as the inside of the battery holster, but nothing seems to work.


As for the bulge, there appeared a bulge on the lens where you view through your eyes, and I can't seem to get it away. Honestly I bought this headset with high hopes & after owning it for a while, it kind of just sucks. Things are breaking without any good reason, and the support is horrible. After the bulge I decided I wanted to get it sent back, but I kept hopping back & fourth with support agents that eventually stopped responding to me.


Has anyone else had this issue? I've taken good care of my gear and don't know why it's behaving like this.


Level 6

Why would you not contact Oculus? Chances are, they'll actually send you a brand-new unit. Worst that can happen is they'll just say no. Even if it's out of warranty, they'll likely still replace yours. They did so for me. 


Not sure what to do otherwise about your issues, but Support might have a solution.