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Quest 2 : Mirroring with Multi account

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I'm trying to share screen (mirroring) from an Oculus Quest 2 to my phone/computer with a secondary account linked to the headset. When i click to Share, i see "devices available" and a circle turning but no "Oculus App" or "Computer". (Multi account/Shared app are activated, Devices on the same network/wifi)


In an other hand, on the owner (primary) account, i can cast to "Oculus App" or "Computer" with the owner Facebook account.


I would like to know if it's an issue or i did something wrong. Or the mirroring functionnality is available only for owner account.


Thank you




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I have the same problem... We've switched accounts but it's the same : only the owner (first account linked) can shared... That's annoying !

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same problem here. I hope they fix it soon!


I would really like to being able to start mirror from other family account too

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We have the same problem!

Hey @TribalPat! I'm hoping you were able to receive an answer to this already, but I'm reaching out just in case that's not right.

When it comes to secondary users, they do have some limited functionality with certain features, casting would be one of them. That would be why you're only able to pair with the administrator account on the headset. If anything, I'd suggest posting about this in our ideas boards, that'd be where our engineers look for any features to potentially bring out in future updates. 

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