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Quest 2 / PrimevideoVR app site only?

Level 2
bought the quest 2 yesterday, love it, tried to install the PrimeVideo VR app to sign into my prime video account, it keeps pushing me to the site with no option to change.  I'm in Canada but use the .com.  Anyone elsle have this issue? Is there a fix?

Not applicable
I do live in the UK and I'm having issues with the app. I've logged in but videos refuse to play, giving an Error: 4107 code. The app is still working fine on the original Quest. It appears they're having multiple issues.

Level 15
My Amazon Prime Video works fine with my Go, Q1 and Q2 in Australia, using the Prime app (logged into my Local Aussie Prime account).  Also works fine on my iPhone with the Prime app from the Apple store.  I'm pretty sure Prime Video only works on a regional basis.   Probably best to contact your local Amazon Prime support and ask for help if you cannot use this on you Oculus mobile devices.  Sometimes there is a limit as to how many devices you can register as well so check your terms and conditions.
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