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Quest 2 Right Controller Trigger Button not working as intended


Hi , so the problem is when I press all the way down  trigger button on the right controller it doesn't register it in the vr ( it shows that I pressed it about half way in the vr home menu ) . This creates problems for various games as it doesn't allow me to shoot in some games cause i didn't press it  all the way down ( even though I did ). Left controller is working fine. This annoys me because I have to do everything with my left hand now (  Have to click menus in games with left hand , have to shoot with my left hand etc..)


Everything else with right controller is working good ( tracking , all the other buttons )

I have tried replacing the batteries but to no avail.  



So guys I have finally fixed it! I had a hardware problem with controller and since my quest 2 is out of warranty I tried to fix it myself.


Before you go, please check if your warranty is still valid, if it is just replace the controller in their store.

I've managed to fix my issue with right trigger by tinkering with the magnet a bit and placing it in the right place! Now instead of the 0.60 it goes up to 0.90 when I press it and now all my games  register click when I press the right trigger.


Quick note:  You can check if its problem with the magnet when you download Oculus Monitor app from Kojack, press and hold trigger button and move your controller up and down, if the values for the trigger change , then magnet is moving inside your controller and that's not ok , it should be hold firm in place.


The magnet that I'm talking about measures how hard you press your trigger button so if it's moving around in your controller it can't measure properly.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Belcross! We know controller issues are very discouraging so we'd be glad to lend a hand. It's wonderful to know you're already a couple of steps ahead on the controller issues. As for now, please feel free to test out the below:

  1. Remove the battery for roughly 10-15 minutes to reset the controller before replacing with a new or known working one.
  2. Unpair and repair the controllers using the Meta Quest app.

We hope to hear back soon! 🙂 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey again! We just wanted to check back in with you. We're you able to get your controller to work? 

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Unfortunately it did not help, how can I tell if its a hardware problem ? 

We appreciate you providing us with a controller update. For this reason, we wish to point you to our Meta Store Support so that you may return to the wonderful world of VR. Please click here to get connected with one of our spooktacular agents through email, a live chat, or even a scheduled call! 


We can't wait to get you back to enjoying your spectacular VR device! 

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Honored Guest

@Belcross Hey there! I’ve been dealing with the exact same issue you’re dealing with and was wondering if you ever did find a solution to this problem?

Unfortunately I didn't 😕

Honored Guest

I am having the same issue with an out of warranty Controller. I already have replacements, but I would love to get this one working, even if I have to open it. Disappointed that Meta doesn't share more reason why for those of us out of warranty.


Hey there, @coreynach! We hate to hear that your controller is not working for you. We know how this can impact your VR experience, and we're happy to look further into this with you through our support page! Once there, we will have more tools available to better assist you!

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How did this go? I am also (i believe) on an out of warranty controller. This is my third controller as I had first one replaced, broke again, then borrowed one from a friend who doesn’t play anymore and it also broke. How are these made so poorly? Thinking it’s time to go back to PC gaming. Very frustrating, last time the wait to get a new controller was almost a month. Very poor service thus far.

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