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Quest 2 and pro controllers, losing tracking

Level 2

I honestly do not understand my issues with them.  One night, they lasted hours and were just fine.  Most days when playing Asgards Wrath, I am constantly losing traking on the pro controllers.  Sometimes it comes back, but hard to do a fight when it loses tracking so often.
Steps taken so far:

I have cleared boundry cache
cleaned all camera lenses with microfiber cloth
Factory reset
unpaired and paired them
Already on the v49 software, headset saying no update available

Always play in the same area so I know lighting isnt the issue, its really just hit or miss if the want to work consistantly.

Any Help would be appreciated as I am about to send them back to Amazon.



Community Manager
Community Manager

Howdy there, @DarkMiester! We understand that after updating to the most recent version, the tracking has not improved, and it appears that you've exhausted all of the troubleshooting options available here in the forums. We completely understand how this is affecting your VR experience, so please open a support ticket so that you can schedule a callback or chat live with us to determine our next step in getting this resolved for you as soon as possible.

Level 2

Nevermind, I hopped on chat and got a wonderful woman named Marjorie.  We chatted for a bit, then she called to help me, had me factory reset the Controllers (Which I had NOT done yet).  Was able to play for 30 mins with no tracking loss!


Request 6733799

How do you factory reset the controller?