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Quest 2 battery drains fast on Airlink + Issues with accurately displaying battery life.

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So my Quest 2 is a pre-meta quest, if that matters, purchased around 2021~. Nowadays, I'm playing games through SteamVR through Airlink. My quest alone may only last about 2 hours. I swear, when I play for one hour on PC version of VRChat my quest says that the battery is low.  I use a power bank connected to a simple usb-c I use for my phone too. Even then, when actively charging the headset will die, most times without warning me. 

I use fpsVR to monitor the battery life of the headset and my trackers, since the Oculus desktop link menu is a fps killer sometimes plus it doesn't give you percentages. Though while charging it won't show the percentage on fpsVR (notated as --%) sometimes in my passthrough menu it'll say its 100% but when I unplug it will drop it to its actual percentage. Also when I leave it to charge it only goes up to 96-97%, I leave it to charge when I'm at work most days, so its charging for about 8 hours. (I know I can't get 100% within an hour normally). Any tips or should I consider maybe getting the battery replaced? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi there, @m00n_3y3s! Making sure you're able to enjoy a smooth VR experience is our top priority, so we appreciate you bringing these battery issues to our attention! To start, we do want to go over some best practices to maximize the battery life of your headset:


  • Using charging cables and adapters other than the official charging cable/adapter can damage the battery slowly over time. This is due to different charging cables and adapters having different voltages and amperages. 
  • Leaving the headset plugged in for days or weeks at a time can damage the battery over time, especially if the headset is on, or asleep rather than turned off.
  • Battery life will vary depending on use. Some features, such as increasing the refresh rate, may consume more power depleting the battery faster. If you've made any changes that alter the headset's performance, either through the Experimental Features or through a third-party app, be sure to turn off the features or revert the changes and test the headset performance without these features/settings changes.
  • Rechargeable batteries like this will naturally become less effective over time, but your headset should last that full 2 hours when standalone. Being as certain PCVR functions may require more power, the battery is likely to deplete faster.


If you haven't already, we'd like you to try charging the device with the provided cable and wall adapter for 2+ hours, and let us know if the device is able to reach that full 100% charge. Take all the time you need, and get back to us when you can! 

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi again, @m00n_3y3s! How's your day going? We just wanted to double-check and make sure you've been able to get your headset charged as normal. If there's anything else you need assistance with or if you're still running into those battery issues, just give us a shout!

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