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Quest 2 connects to the wrong Wifi 2,4 Ghz instead of 5Ghz

Level 2

Hi guys,

I have a Quest 2 and try to use airlink, but it doesn't work (too slow) because the Quest always connects to my 2,4 Ghz Wifi instead of the 5Ghz one. (both wifi's have the same name and pw and work as a mesh with my fritz box. All my other devices work flawlessly. Reconnect and reconfigure the quest to my wifi did not help. Is there a way to force the quest to connect to the 5Ghz wifi? Any idea?


Ideally you'd want the 2.5 and 5GHz channels on different SSIDs, so you can choose. I know mesh isn't recommended for Airlink so maybe that's not possible. 2.4 will be selected if it's determined to be a stronger signal than 5GHz so maybe you are too far away from the router. Does it still do it if you stand close to it?

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entra aconfiguracion rapida y borra la conexion de 2.4, luego te tomara automaticamente la 5ghz. solo deber tener el pc conetado con cable de red y el oculus cerca del modem o enrutador wifi

Level 2

Get into router settings see 5ghz is active. Setup a ssid. Then on you're oculus 2 connect to that ssid. Hopefully that fix the problem.