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Quest 2 controller fails to click.

I am having this issue with the Quest2 touch controller that the right trigger fails to click. This developed in the last few weeks, as before I didn't have this. It is super aparent in games like beat saber, where to advance from the menu it uses a "click" from the trigger, but it is also apparent in SteamVR games played through virtualdesktop like SuperHot VR - I played through the first few chapters with firing the left trigger only - and BoneWorks. When I remap TriggerPress to a face button it works with the button, but it is really not optimal. Navigating in the quest menu works just fine with the trigger. But when looking at the trigger in vr it depresses much less then in real life. I guess there is a calibration issue or a missalignment developed in the hall efect sensor.
I'd bee super happy if you had any clue how to solve this.

I'd RMA it as this is the second issue with my controllers. (I had pairing issues with my left controller) but I live in Hungary and Oculus doesn't seem to ship here according to support. Which is super unfortunate. 😞

Not for me too 😞 The batteries only helped for a few games. It still doesn't work in sabers. Waiting for calibrating options.

Tried that before and after factory resetting. Didnt help sadly, but thanks for the reply! At this point I tried everything possible so I am just gonna wait until it fixes itself I guess, lol.

Thank you amazing person for your Oculus Monitor app, I've managed to fix my issue with right trigger by tinkering with the magnet a bit and placing it in the right place! Now instead of the 0.60 it goes up to 0.90 when I press it and now all my games  register click when I press the right trigger.


Quick note:  You can check if its problem with the magnet when you download Oculus Monitor app from Kojack, press and hold trigger button and move your controller up and down, if the values for the trigger change , then magnet is moving inside your controller and that's not ok , it should be hold firm in place.

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