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Quest 2 crashing when trying to connect to my PC

Level 3

When I try to load AirLink, the dashboard comes up but it's sorta frozen there with weird artifacts in the peripheral vision and the image is not updating.


I can see 3 dots in the Link Home dashboard thing, then after about 10 seconds the application crashes in the Quest 2 which returns to the home screen, and the AirLink connection is lost.


I have changed nothing in my setup at all when this started happening. I updated the software on the Quest2, checked for updates in the Oculus app and updated my video drivers but this is still happening.


I'm not able to load Virtual Desktop either...It will connect to the Virtual Desktop like home environment, but if I try to launch anything the same thing happens it will hang there for a bit, then crash back to the Quest 2 home screen.


How do I fix this??


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! We really appreciate you troubleshooting this so far. We want to help get AirLink up and running properly for you as soon as we can. Please PM us or click HERE to submit a support ticket and we'll be happy to look into this with you. Thanks!