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Quest 2 does not charge while on Link Cable?


Is the Quest 2 supossed to charge, while connected on the Link Cable?


How does the headset tell not charging from battery pack? The function of battery pack is provide 5V for charging. No use mode or charge mode can switch mode inside.

Hey @PaulChu0815 Thank you for reaching out to us and wanting to know more about headset charging with a battery pack. When you use the Elite Strap With Battery on your Quest 2, the main battery status indicators, such as the LED on the side of your headset and the main battery level shown in your headset, will show the combined battery level of your Quest 2 and Elite Strap With Battery.


If you select the headset power icon in VR, it will show you a more detailed view of the battery status with separate charge levels for the internal headset battery and Elite Strap battery.

In addition to monitoring the color of the LED on your Quest 2, you can also see battery levels in-VR. In your headset, on the universal toolbar, you'll see the combined level of your headset with your Elite Strap With Battery.
You'll know that you're seeing the combined battery level when your headset icon is replaced by your headset with the Elite Strap + Battery icon. You can also hover over the icon to see a breakdown of battery levels for your headset and Elite Strap + Battery. If the internal battery for the Quest 2 is charged, but the Elite Strap battery is still charging, the status indicators will show that the devices are charging.


We hope this answers your question about switching battery modes on the Quest 2 headset and Elite Strap With Battery. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Have a great rest of your day!

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I use A quest 2 with the elite strap battery pack to run SteamVR link, and the official link cable is plugged directly into the outlet so it keeps a good constant charge. The connectivity is pretty much the same I have not had any issues

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