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Quest 2 does not charge while on Link Cable?


Is the Quest 2 supossed to charge, while connected on the Link Cable?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey hey! While in gameplay, the Oculus Link Cable does not charge the device, but it does maintain the battery.   

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Will analyse this.. very strange.  Does not seem to charge or maintain battery for my case.


This is the official cable.


After some tries, I've notice that my cable does not charge, while connected to the computer. Even beeing all connect in USB-C no adapters. Is this normal?


Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

The Oculus branded Link cable does have the ability to charge your Quest 2, however, it is not powerful enough to charge your headset to full whilst playing battery intensive games. Having your Quest 2 plugged in with the link cable can add a potential 30 minutes to an hour of game time depending on the game or application you are playing, but even 30 minutes to an hour isn't something that happens often. 


Also, you can check your USB's power settings to see if you have any power saving options selected by doing the following: Open control panel > go to Hardware and Sound > and navigate to Device Manager > extend the Universal Serial Bus controllers menu > Locate the USB 3.0/3.1/3.10 eXtensible port and select its properties > from there, find the Power Management tab > check to make sure that there are no power saving options are selected!


Using the standard charging cable while playing without the Link cable connected isn't recommended as your headset can get exponentially hot after an extended play session, an external battery pack is recommended for getting an extended play session and will provide your headset with extra battery life without getting your headset super hot. The battery pack wont charge the headset, but instead, the headset will just take from the battery pack before using the charge on the headset battery. Hope this helps!

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It’s is not quite a solution! It’s a shame!


so if we want to use it longer for work is not possible 

Best solution is to get a powered USB card. I used this one and it kept the Quest charged at 80% indefinitely.

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This maybe a little late for the asker, but I just ordered THIS :

It's an active link cable (16 feet with full 5 Gbps data), USB-A data to USB-C data, which contains another USB-C receptacle for power input where you plug-in the charging cable (the one you got with the Quest).

It's surprising Meta did not thought about it...

It will maintain the charge at about 75%.

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As mentioned above we can at our own risk use cables that will charge the device while using it but this will result in overheat and might slow down or damage the device as well as shortening the device battery life. The best compromise to work longer without damaging the device is the use an external battery pack that you can very well connect to your cable. This will not charge your device but should simply power it. Please try and let us know if it works.

Another solution would be to add a cooling system to your device to reduce potential damages by overheat.

I tried it. It will charge it while using it, but very slowly. So I don't think overheating would be an issue.

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