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Quest 2 doesn't connect to new devices

I've been trying to connect my quest 2 to my iphone. My dad has previously done so with his phone and is still able to connect to the headset. I've tried resetting apps, restarting the headset, checking the internet, bluetooth, even trying multiple new devices but none of them work. My devices detects and connects to the bluetooth signal from the headset, and the app detects the headset, but is unable to pair.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @nathan.cheung.jing, we really appreciate all the troubleshooting you've tried on your own to get your headset paired to your phone. We're here to help provide some info and help get this figured out!


Since you said your dad was able to pair to his phone, we'd like to ask if you are using a secondary account on your headset?


If you're on a secondary account, you won't be able to pair your device to your mobile app as you can only do so from the admin account. In order to successfully pair, you'll have to be on the admin account on your Quest 2 and logged in to that same account on your mobile app.


If you're on the admin account and still can't pair, let us know and we can help troubleshoot a bit more with you!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi again! We just wanted to check and see if the info we provided was able to help you get this figured out, or if you needed our assistance still. Let us know! We're here for you.

I cannot connect to my pc, but i can on my phone. I have no secondary accounts on this headset, and i need options.


Hey LethalXecutioneR! We see that you are having connection issues. We understand how important it is to get this looked into and we want to work with you to look into this further. If you could please go here and create a support ticket, we can get you connected with a specialist who will be able to go over all available options.