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Quest 2 giving me major eye strain? What steps should I take?

Level 2
Hey everyone. 

I've had my quest 2 for a bit now, but since getting it, after like 30 min of playtime, I begin to notice some straining in my eyes. After that, it gets to the point where it's super uncomfortable and I have to stop playing. It gets better quickly after taking off the headset, but the problem is that I don't know why I'm getting it. I've never had eye strain on any other headset I own (HTC Vive, oculus rift, quest 1, Samsung odyssey) so why is it happening on Quest 2? My guess is that I'm adjusting to the Quest 2 LCD screen rather than the OLED screens I've used for the past 2 years, but I don't really know. My IPD is set about right too (I'm 66, and I have the lenses set in-between mode 2 and 3) Will my eyes eventually adjust to the LCD screen, or will this continue to be a reoccurring problem?

Level 8
i had that with my tv when i first bought it. it was so large and it gave me physical sickness and that was worse during the deed almost popped my brain! hurt so bad for a long time!

its better now ive acclimatized to it over the year since, but it taught me to respect large screens and tv's in general.

maybe the screen is too big for you.

Level 4
 Maybe you need glasses ? Or maybe the setting it's not correct. Try on the widest one. 

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May I recommend:  B)


Or try to turn down brightness if possible. 

At least I've been using Index for 15 months, lenses all dialed in, so I'm exposed to maximum lcd light, never had any problems with "too much light" - does not feel different from Rift CV1 to me. 

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I don't believe this has to so with the LCD screen. I've been experiencing the same thing and have heard of many other people having trouble with the Quest 2 (I never had this eye strain issue with any other headset and I have many of them: Vive, Quest, Rift, Index, original DK1, Dk2, GO). I'm actually surprised that this isn't getting more press. The problem is the way they are handling IPD in Quest 2. For some reason, they thought it was a good idea to do away with the ability to precisely set IPD as has been the case for all other headsets. This silly 1 2 3 IPD setup does not work for many people and causing serious eye strain. Mine is so bad that I'm returning the Quest 2 for a refund. Don't second guess your intuition. There is a problem with the headset design -- Not with you or your eyes.

Level 2

I have the exact same issue and even after I take it off my eyes are strained for hours after. The longest I've played on my Index was 5 hours straight and I never had any eye strain at all.  On the Quest 2 I can barely manage 30 minutes. I'm sending mine back. I've never tried the previous Oculus products and now I'm afraid to. 😮💨

hola como estas_ tu sabes de juegos y aplicaciones para oculus quest 2 que sean para terapia visual?