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Quest 2 hand controller parts.

Level 2

Hi, I have broken the left controller grip button and now after having no luck trying to get help from customer support I am hoping the oculus community may have some options. Does anyone know where it is possible to purchase parts for controllers (left grip trigger button). Or another possible option, does someone have a trigger button from a controller that has been broken in some other way they would like to sell.

Regards Mark. 


Customer support is a joke with Oculus/Meta!!!  My headset is all glitched out and I cannot get any answers.  I just keep having to online chat with a bot who isnt understanding what I am trying to ask.  It is so frustrating.  GOOD LUCK!  you will probably just have to buy a new controller.  

Replacement joystick modules are available to fix drifting but I'm not aware of any other parts on the market. Your best bet will probably be to buy a broken ebay controller (with a different fault!) and butcher it for parts.