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Quest 2 is now a complete source of anger. It constanly disconnect with PC for no reason

It starts in Early April 2023, when I found quest 2 with old headset firmware has problem of rendering a brighter bottom 1/5 part of everything when streaming from PC.

I have very slow WLAN connection in quest 2 headset and have to side load and I managed to update the firmware to version 50.0.0.xxxxxxx


Then the problem happens.

When I play warthunder, this thing, start to crash for certainty after about 1 hour of gameplay EVERYDAY

It just lose connection with PC, causing warthunder to Jam.

While doubting warthunder cannot handle the toggle between renderingt in normal screen and VR mode, I have further doubt of quest 2 of losing connection with PC for no reason. I noticed the oculus app will show Device General Problem for a while and then return to normal green light connection


I bought a new USB3 standard link cable and plugged it into my PC's USB3 port. But thing happens day to day and I even don't have a clue like a crash log to diagnose the problem.





RTX 4070TI

Oculus App Version (






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, @bankruptfaceboo10! We noticed that you are reaching out because you are experiencing issues with apps crashing during gameplay. We definitely understand how immersion breaking that can be and we'd love to get to the bottom of this! In order to gain a little clarity on our end, is this only happening when you play War Thunder or are you experiencing this with other apps as well? Also, we see that you have a RTX 4070TI GPU and we would like to let you know that this GPU is currently not supported. Please keep in mind, if your card is not supported, we are unable to guarantee compatibility. Please click here for a list of requirements in order to use Meta Quest Link. 


We look forward to hearing back from you and working together to get this issue resolved! 

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I did more tests about this.

It is not only warthunder has this problem.It is every PC game which streamed down to Quest2 has this problem.

MSFS has it, ETS2 has it. It is just headset lose connection with PC suddenly, and this time Oculus app still shows quest 2 and touch connected and active but the headset just cannot find the PC


For graphic card stuff. Are you planning to add support for 40x series afterall?

I don't think those sim games can run on 30x series. Because I've tried that already


Does Quest 2 losing connection with PC for no reason has any connection with graphic card compatability?


Thank you for getting back to us with that information, @bankruptfaceboo10! Yes, your Quest 2 losing connection to your PC repeatedly could definitely be caused by your graphic card not being compatible at this moment. Eventually, 40x series will be added as a compatible GPU; however, we don't have a definitive date of when that will happen. Please let us know if there is anything further that we may assist you with as we are always happy to help! 

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