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Quest 2 is slightly blurry or soft looking?

Level 2

I just got the quest 2. My first time using VR. I was shocked that it was a little blurry, the words are clear and stuff/everything is set up right. I cant exactly explain it, but it's almost like the resolution is off? It quickly did not shock me as the experience was otherwise amazing. I'm just wondering if I can make stuff crystal clear like in my home world ? 


Level 2

edit* My home world isn't crystal clear, english is hard lol But my sentiment was that I want it to be 😃 

Hello @catime,


First lets make sure your headset is fitted properly.

 How do I adjust the headset

Then make sure you're using the appropriate IPD setting.

 What's IPD and how do I adjust it on my Oculus Quest 2 or Quest?


If you're still experiencing blurriness after trying those steps, please open a ticket with support and an agent will do their best to assist you.

Hey again @catime!


We just want to check in with you and see if you are able to see a clearer view of in-game VR or if you still need assistance. Did adjusting your headset and IPD help you see a clearer picture? were able to create a support ticket with Your Meta Quest Support Team?


You may also want to clean your headset using the proper instructions as well as "adjust [your] graphics performance preferences." 


Let us know if we can be of any more assistance. We certainly want you to be crystal clear that your user experience is very important to us!