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Quest 2 link extension 32ft

Level 2

It seems that 16ft feet, or 5m meters is the standard link cable length. On amazon there are several link cables that claim to do 32ft to even 100ft using active repeaters.

Does anyone actively use their Quest 2 with either a single 30-foot cable or 2 16-foot cables with an extender?

Need to wire the cable from my PC, out of my bedrooms wall, outside, around my porch, into my living room, up the ceiling, and to the other side of the room. I think 32ft / 10m will work but 50ft / 15m would be best.

(Typing the meters/ft out so it will pop up in future searches easier).


Again, anyone have success with using their Quest 2 linked to their PC via 30+ feet? if so please link the cables you are using. 



Level 2

BUMP i cant even find my own post on the 'get help' forums, sorting by newest shows months old ones, i went back 8 pages still couldnt find this post, was it shadow banned or something silly? its been 4 days, it had like 100+ veiws and not a single person has ever thought about using a longer cable out of those 100 people? then boom its not on the forums anymore? also the pinning to the top of every page is HIGHLY annoying, then sorting by new or even sorting by post creation date is WILDLY inaccurate. Everything facebook creates is garbage. Dont understand how they managed to create the 'best VR headset', must have been a third-party company and Meta just bought it or something.