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Quest 2 linkcable connect to pc meta, facebook, oculas account merger failure?

Level 2

Ok so roomate is logged into his account on his quest 2 just fine. When connecting his headset to a pc with the oculas link cable, the app on the computer wanted him to merge his account with his facebook account. We went ahead with the merger to just be able to log in and update the app so we could use steamvr over the link. When we tried logging in with facebook it got stuck in a account loop where is would open the browser to continue, we would do so then it would redirect us back to the desktop app. When it did it gave and error "Sorry, there was a problem connecting your Facebook account, please try again later. We couldn't proceed so I went and uninstalled the app to download a new version on the pc.


With the headset connected to the pc and it trying to launch the app it wants to setup a meta account. We tried to use the facebook account to login and just merge over using the existing email. When we try it says its already an existing VR account please login with your facebook account at "". 


So we went to that link and tried to login with the facebook account and it says "Try another account The account you logged in with doesn't have VR apps and info we can move to a meta account. " At this point we think the account merger had failed earlier, we tried to log into his oculas account and it says its a facebook account please login with that account.


His headset it still logged in to his account and has his purchase history and apps. We just cant login to his vr account on the oculas app with facebook, still stuck in the loop and if we connect the headset with a link cable it wants to setup or login with a meta account. So its like his oculas account did not merge over correctly to facebook? This is all just trying to log in the app on the desktop and the headset while connected with the link cable. 


Does he need to have support unmerge his original oculas account from facebook? I don't want him to switch accounts or factory reset his headset as I'm afraid he will lose all the apps he has purchased on his account and won't be able to log back in. Iv seen posts about account merger failures on here, he can't even log onto this forum to get support. Does he need to go though facebook support since he cant log into his oculas account anymore nor can he login here for support?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @AttackViper! We know account issues like this can be really tricky, and you're a great friend for helping your roommate figure this out! 


First, we have an article that has some helpful info if you're having trouble setting up a Meta account. You can find that HERE


If your roommate is still having trouble setting up and/or logging into their Meta account however, since they cannot login to the Forums, the best way for them to get help is going to be to submit a support ticket here: That way our Support Team can get their account info, figure out what exactly is going on, and help your roommate get back in their account!

Level 2

He ended up getting his account reverted back to an oculas account. Later he was able to merge it over to a meta account with no further problems. He is now able to use it with steamvr through the link cable.

Hey again, @AttackViper!


We're happy to hear your friend resolved their issue and was able to get back into the VR world!


If you or your friend ever need anything, you can always reach out here!