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Quest 2 not connecting to Meta Quest App

Level 2

I have had the Meta Quest 2 for 3 days now and have not been able to use it because of some connecting issue. Me and many others are very mad that we cannot use our Quest 2, its not just the Quest 2 with this problem its the OG Quest to from what I have seen on this forum. The fact that this issue has started since the newest update (From what I know) should have first been tested before release, maybe it was or wasn't but still this issue should have never arise. I would like as a employee response or answer to my problem to be an actual 100% working way of fixing it rather than it being some troubleshoot ways of connecting the two together. I have seen that even one person would like to commit a lawsuit because of this issue, and I see why because this issue has happened since 9/19/22 and hasn't been fixed. It seems so simple to fix but no, now we wait 10, 11, or even a month maybe (God I hope not) to fix this issue. 


If anyone has a 100% way of fixing this problem that Quest 2 users and OG Quest users are having please put it in the replies please.