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Quest 2 on SteamVR

Level 2

So, to get things started, I'm on a Quest 2 and using Oculus Link to play games on SteamVR. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I cannot open SteamVR Dashboard whatsoever, which is annoying as I have to take off a gaming headset, my Quest, accept an invite or reply to a steam message, put it all back on, rinse and repeat whenever I get a message or invite. All threads I've seen, whether it was reddit, steam community forums, or just google itself, I have my settings the way they've described and nothing. I opened the dashboard by selecting a game and clicking view details while in SteamVR Home, went to settings and and clicked controllers and clicked test controllers, so I know every single button works on my Touch Controllers, except the system and oculus button, but they do work because if I hold them down, I get the Oculus Overlay on my headset. So I need to understand why these two buttons don't work with SteamVR, and how to remedy this, because Killing Floor Incursion requires you to use the system button to activate an item in the tutorial and during gameplay, and you can't because the button wont register.


Level 13

if your using link and the oculus app, you must enable outside sources in the settings menu.   Then place your headset on your forehead so you can see the desktop screen and open the steam vr icon.

I have unknown sources enabled in both the headset and the oculus app on my pc, the SteamVR overlay still wont open, system button and oculus button still are not registered as being pressed according to steam. its like oculus has blacklisted apps from using those 2 buttons.

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hey bro same issue. when im playing a game, I cant open the steam overlay, the only thing that opens, when I press either of the menu buttons, is the oculus link overlay. I ant to open the steam overlay. I turned on longpress for the button, but I still cant get the steam overlay to open up. idk what to do, full body tracking just got harder.