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Quest 2’s controllers tracking very bouncy when using link

So ever since I got my quest 2 the tracking has been over exaggerating my movements alot. Its pretty bad in beat saber since I can move my arm a tiny bit and the sabers have a giant swing.


first time posting here so please correct me if I did anything wrong


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there, that does not sound right. We understand that you are experiencing controller drift issues with your Oculus Quest 2, no worries at all we are here to help. Below we have listed some troubleshooting steps for you to go ahead and try to resolve your controller drift issue.


-One common issue is sunlight entering the room you are playing your Quest 2 in, make sure you are playing in a room with no sunlight.

-Reboot the headset

-Try re-pairing the controllers

-Lastly please try a factory reset 


If none of these troubleshooting steps work for your tracking issues, please click here to submit a ticket with Oculus Support.

Level 2

Has the problem been fixed yet? I'm having the same problem with my unit

nope still a problem don't think there is a fix

sounds like We're just unlucky and got a unit with **bleep** tracking