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Quest 2 seriously deteriorating after only 1 1/2 years

Level 2

recently, my amazing Quest 2 has suffered some serious afflictions to it’s functions and I am very distressed, disappointed and frankly irritated. After only one and a half years of owning it, this product has begun to fall apart. 

guardian cannot sustain itself between sessions ever, the passthrough is often miscalibrated and often,  large black circular ‘voids’ encompass most of the AR world in Passthrough. Additionally, the system refuses to reaquire tracking after simply hitting the side button on and off at any length of time, forcing it to be restarted. Not to mention Oculus Link crashing and corrupting far too often. 

Nothing fixes this, multiple factory resets included. I’m very distraught at this total failure of the system and I just pray there’s a solution that either doesn’t cost 300+ Dollars, as if I’m even going to buy another Oculus product under “Meta’’ again. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! That certainly isn't the experience we want our users to be having with our products. Please submit a support ticket here so we can take a closer look into these issues one on one. We would love to work together to get this resolved as soon as possible. Though before that, one thing you could try is adjusting the lighting or furniture in the area you're playing in. Make sure the lights aren't too bright or too dark. We hope this helps.