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Quest 2 stuck in USB UPDATE MODE!! Please help!

So I just updated to the newest version 23 around noon, spent a couple of hours playing Half-Life Alyx till the battery is very low. Turned off the device, charge it. And then tonight I unplugged the charging cable, and I notice that the sidelight doesn't turn off automatically and the light is orange instead of green for some reason. So I decided to take a peek and the screen is somehow ON and it just says USB Update Mode.


I have 5 options available on the Screen: Boot device, Device Info, Factory Reset, Sideload Update, Power Off.

None of these options work:
-Boot device would just restart the quest back to this very same screen.
-Device info just shows info of the device like serial number, Ram Size, etc.
-Factory Reset would just restart the device back to this screen just like what the Boot Device option did.
-Same with Sideload Update, it just restarts the device.
-Power Off would turn off the device. And if I turn it back on, I get the same USB Update Mode screen.

I'm at a loss here, is there a fail-safe to force Factory Reset the device? I'm seriously in need of help, I don't have the luxury of just sending the device back, unfortunately. Does anyone ever have the same experience? How can I get past this USB Update Mode screen? Thank you kindly for your help in advance.

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I took this screenshots on phone but a PC browser would be very similar. After you click on submit a support ticket a new page will load just sit there for a few seconds until you see the green icon at the bottom right and click on it.


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I have exactly the same problem. Mine is brand new, came out the box, plugged in the charging cable and it came up with the USB Update Mode screen. I have spend time yesterday with their on-line support as well as emails, but they were not able to fix it. They are now investigating further and will get back to me!

Thanks aguy10, I'll try it out. And thanks for the comment HPS_Snr, let us know if you hear back from them regarding a solution.

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same, i had it too, only my second day 😞

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Anyone know how to resolve this? I've just experienced the same issue.

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today morning my quest2 was same problem. i request a support ticket. 
searching google, forums, many people have same problem. so Oculus find a answer what this issue.
finally Even if my English is not good, please understand. 

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Try this first Go into app on your phone and you may notice it signed out of your account
USB Update Mode Stuck Has anybody tried this, make it boot up sounds like firmware is corrupted
Force Quest 2 Firmware Update to v23! | TUTORIAL - YouTube

Oculus app and account are fine, that is not the problem.
Cant upate the firmware if stuck on the USB update mode LOOP. the device is not recognized in the PCs at that state, sometimes it is recognized as an 'Android Device' but you cant access what is inside of it, so there is no way to update a corrupted version.

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why don't  oculus have usb stick go through where your link cable goes and bypass bios load their firmware straight to the headset

At this point, I'm pretty sure that no one from Oculus even visits this forum. You're at the mercy of fellow users, so we're all on the same boat. The only way to get any answers is through Oculus support, and they'll just ask you to send the device back. Oh how I wish there's some software solution, would've saved me a lot of time & money.
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