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Quest 2 will not connect through Quest Link using Air Bridge on new laptop.

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Let me prime this conversation with a few things. First off I know that the D-Link Air Bridge and Quest 2 are in functional order. I have another PC and the configuration works properly there. Headset boots, quick launch to Quest Link, select Air Bridge and within a few seconds I am up and running.

On my new laptop though. I am having problems. Here are the laptop specs "Ryzen 5 5600H, 32GB Memory, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. It is a Lenovo Ideapad Gaming 3 (model 82K201XCUS).

The issue. Once I boot the headset, go to quick launch and attempt to start Quest Link, I see a black screen with 3 dots (loading). It goes no further than this and eventually after several minutes it will time out. At that point the Oculus app will state that it isn't working properly and send me a link to an unrelated article for a Rift (different product).

Things I have tried. Reloading the software. Reinstalling the headset and the Air Bridge. Upgrading Nvidia drivers, disabling the AMD integrated GPU in device manager (don't think you really can) and finally setting all of the Oculus programs to prefer the High Performance GPU through Windows 11 Graphics settings (not the nvidia control panel). All of these have resulted in no change. I don't know if it is possible to share error logs here, but if someone shows me how I will upload those that I have.

My theory. I feel like that dual GPU is not handing off properly. From the AMD GPU to the dedicated Nvidia solution. I say this because one of the errors in this log is as follows...

"[Service_2022-12-03_16.19.28.txt] 03/12 16:19:32.053 {!ERROR!} [DisplayManager] [DisplayManager] Hybrid graphics setup doesn't appear to have any direct outputs. Can't use!"

Open to any ideas and suggestions. Dunno what else to do at this point.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @RealJJ22, we understand how important it is to have Quest Link work on all your devices and know how bothersome it can be when it's not functioning properly. Although we're limited in support resources with Air Bridge, we'll help as best as we can!

Starting with basics, please make sure you power-cycle the PC and Headset. Make sure there is no VPN or Network Restrictions within the Laptop. You should also toggle on and off the Quest Link option within the system settings in the headset. Sometimes there may be issues with device initialization, please check the devices page in the PC application to check if the Air Bridge is in the "Ready / Connected" state, if not please re-plug the device.

If you continue to have issues after performing those troubleshooting steps, please click here to be directed to the D-Link website for further troubleshooting.