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Quest 3: Layout Utility



I can't find the Layout Utility App ("Raumplaner") here in Germany on my Quest 3. It should have come with the v60 update but didn't. Now I have v62, but still no Layout Utility App. Where is it?🤷


Same here.  Since I can't find anyone posting about the layout utility it seems it is in the release notes,  but never was implemented or rolled out at all.  

Same problem on my Meta Quest 3 (v62 updated) and I'm also from Germany, if this is maybe a reason.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hi friends! Just got word from my team that we're at 100% release for v62. Just to double check, is everyone in this thread on the most recent update? If you're on v62 and still not seeing the Layout Utility app, let me know so I can get that feedback to the engineers ASAP! Thanks for the patience as well, it's definitely appreciated! 😁

Through the darkness of futures past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds: Fire... walk with me

nope, not there. I had the v62 for a few weeks already. just checked again. no Layout Utility App

Same here, still no Layout App (v62)

It is 2/24/24 I have got the V62 and still do not see the Layout Utility app. Also all my friends do not see it. if your system does not show my Email 

i would love to hear something about this so I can also let Everyone know including the 20,500 people on the  Population One Community page on FACEBOOK. and the 299,900 people on the META QUEST Facebook page because all of us are asking.

Thank you, Randy Teague


The Layout application is still not available. Latest updates installed on Quest 3. Lakeside Peak Environment is also missing. I live in Finland.

I am on v63 on Quest 3 and still no layout utility app.

hey, fun fact: Meta removed the Layout Utility from the Release Notes in version v60 and it doesn`t appear in any future version release notes. haha. 

Ah that's a good point! I didn't see that the Release Notes for v60 were edited. I'm not 100% sure why, but it makes sense that it was removed if there were multiple reports of it missing. I just heard back from the team earlier this week, and they let me know it is still on the way! No ETA yet, but it should be coming soon.

Through the darkness of futures past, the magician longs to see. One chants out between two worlds: Fire... walk with me
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