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Quest 3 Link PCVR maximum quality settings

Hi, I got my Quest 3 last week and I've been trying to get the best virtual desktop quality I can out of it, either via the Quest Link or Virtual Desktop. It looks like 90Hz is the max allowed, although I hear Sidequegst can override this to 120Hz, which maybe an option so long as it doesn't massively drain the battery faster.

Something I've noticed though is that in Virtual Desktop there is no way to increase the bandwidth slider above 200Mb/s, and the Oculus debug tool for Link doesn't even tell you what bandwidth it's using (seems to be set to variable)

Oddly I found that as soon as I set this to 300 it's fine, but 400Mb/s seems to make it stutter at 1fps, this wasn't the case on the quest 2 which is odd. I'm using the Optical USB link cable (official). I just wondered if anyone else had been tinkering and found some good non-out-of-th-box settings to  increase PCVR desktop quality to it's max.

Just for giggles I did try playing fortnite on a virtual screen but the refresh rate for native cable link was pretty bad.
Unfortunately my 3090 doesn't have AV1 encoding capability so h.264/5 are my only options, but I definitely used to be able to up the bandwidth beyond 300 on the Q2.


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Change your "Preferred Codec" on the desktop streamer app to H264+. You get the bandwidth to 500

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I bought this headset again for its NEW GPU and NEW PROCESSOR.
And it stated higher pixel quality compared to the Q2.

But really its sold as 120hz.  Yet there is no option for it PCVR. stuck at 90hz?


Your not the only one asking. Numerous people asking the same question and nothing but radio silence from Meta. It's disappointing. A few comments I've read suggest the PC Oculus app is basically abandonware, which I really hope isn't the case.

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Change your "Preferred Codec" on the desktop streamer app to H264+. You get the bandwidth to 500

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Just watched a video which explains just this; go into oculus folders, look for debugger,  for the bandwidth setting, it will only allow you to change to 400Mb/s, but you can bypass that restriction by copy/paste a higher amount (off of any other window)

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