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Quest 3 Referral Setup Tutorial in Europe - 30€ Meta Quest Store Credit

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Congratulations on your new Meta Quest Device!


If you're curious about the updated referral rules and eager to secure your 30€ credit, you're in the right spot. Follow these steps meticulously for an **instant** store credit, allowing you to enjoy your initial games or apps free on your new VR headset, be it the Quest 3 or Quest 2.


1. Before unveiling your gleaming Quest 3 or Quest 2, refrain from opening it. Keep it ready to power on, but first, click on a device referral. For your convenience, here's a new working link:


2. It's advisable to click the link on a PC to seamlessly create a new Meta Account when prompted. This only takes a moment, and creating a new account is recommended to ensure credit eligibility.\*


3. After creating your account, you'll be directed to a page asking you to ACCEPT "NAME'S" REFERRAL or a similar prompt. Once you click that, you're all set!


4. Now, go ahead and power on your Quest 3 or Quest 2, explore, and play around. You'll immediately notice an extra 30€ ready for you to spend on games and apps, provided you've followed the steps correctly.




Q: **Do I have to make a new account for the Meta Quest Store Credit?\***


A: Yes, it's advisable to create a new account for your new device. Even if you're fortunate enough to receive Meta Credit without a previous Quest purchase, creating a new account is recommended. 


Q: **Does the Quest 3 run Quest 2 games?**


A: Absolutely! The Quest 3 is backward compatible with Quest 2 and Quest 1 games. Some games may even run better on the Quest 3 due to improved graphics processing.


Q: **Any game recommendations for my new Quest?**


A: The choice is yours! Consider trying out favorites like :


 **Contractors** ([25% off link]


**Pavlov Shack** ([25% off link]


**Les Mills Bodycombat** ([25% off link] ( 


**Virtual Desktop** ([25% off link]

Enjoy your immersive VR experience!

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