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Quest 3 Walls or furniture saved as space settings are not visible on screen after PTC V64

I have a Quest 3 and this is my first PTC update. However, I am having a problem with 'Space Settings'. I never had this problem before the PTC update.
Scanning my room, adding furniture, and adding walls or windows works fine. It was also possible to name rooms, edit rooms, and modify furniture as normal.
However, the space and furniture set up this way are not displayed on my screen in the virtual environment. Previously, when I brought the controller or Quest 3 near a wall or furniture I had set up, it would appear blue, but now nothing is visible.
The problem is that the spatial data saved in the spatial settings remains. I repeatedly deleted and recreated this space, but it did not solve the problem of not being able to see it in the virtual environment.
Borders are saved normally and are visible. The option to change the color also works fine. However, only the border is visible, and no walls or furniture are still visible.
This feature was one of the most important safety nets to avoid getting hurt in the VR environment of my room. As I moved, I could see the blue output of furniture or walls and reset the distance or move in a direction that wouldn't hurt me.
I tried everything I could to solve this problem. I repeated clearing the space and rescanning dozens of times, resetting once through the phone app, and once through the device's power options, but it did not solve the problem. I still can't see any furniture or walls and this doesn't change whether I'm in a virtual or passthrough environment. The space is saved, the furniture and wall settings are also saved, but I don't know why they don't show up on my screen.

My request for help was written through a translator, so the terminology may be slightly different and I need your understanding. I hope the meaning was conveyed correctly, and I hope this problem is fixed quickly. Now that I can't see the walls and furniture, I'm scared to swing my arms or move my body while wearing VR. This is especially true because I have been bumped into and injured a lot even in environments where walls and furniture are visible.
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I'm also affected, both V64 and PTC V65 same results

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Been following this thread in hopes this will get fixed. This same problem is impacting me greatly too, absolutely wild how a safety feature like this is still broken. 😟


I think it obvious that that Meta does not consider this to be a safety issue or they just don’t care. Let’s face it, they are not very good at supporting their product and their product is getting worse not better as a result. I’ve had Quest 1, Quest 2 and Quest 3 and have never failed to be disappointed with each one for a variety of issues. They add “features” then either break them or randomly remove them.🖕Zuck

Hello. Any news? There are more and more people with this problem. And this is a safety issue when using the device. Even after the next update, the microphone began to work very quietly. It gets better and better with every update...

Not yet, but I did noticed that issue was tasked, so I know for sure this issue is being taken seriously by the team. Once they reach out, providing an update, I'll swiftly relay the message here.

“There are only four rules you need to remember: make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan.” -Leonard Snart.

Thank you


No problem, I'm doing my best to stay on top of this for y'all! 😊

“There are only four rules you need to remember: make the plan, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails, throw away the plan.” -Leonard Snart.

As someone who posted and publicized this issue in the community, I would like to thank the many Quest users and VR users who gathered here for their interest and actions.
When I first encountered this problem, I was truly devastated. It wasn't just because of the money I had spent on purchasing equipment, including Quest 3, and accessories to use it. I experienced a lot with Quest 3, and I really liked having the option of VR in my daily routine. Meeting people, exercising, and other unique experiences that can only be felt in VR have helped me understand why people who have experienced it are passionate about VR and excitedly look forward to the future. I was a user who enjoyed VR for a relatively short period of time compared to other users, and Quest 3 was my first VR equipment. However, during that short period of time, I was able to actually meet other VR users overseas. In reality. This is an amazing experience.
How long this problem will last... To be honest, I don't have high hopes for the meta's response. It's very sad. Most ‘things’ that people use have usability. If you keep it nearby, use it often, get used to it, and gain experience with it, you will reach a point where it is difficult to replace it. In other words, it is a process that has become essential in life. For us today, PCs and smartphones are considered essential in our lives. VR could be like that for me. However, regaining interest once lost is sometimes as difficult as putting spilled water back into the cup. Even before I experienced this problem, the various structures, walls, furniture, and floor heights in my room that I scanned using Quest 3 were collapsing and collapsing every day. My VR routine has always included taking a new scan of my room, adding furniture, and re-leveling the floor. If I was lucky, I was fine for two or three days, but it never lasted longer than a week.
To put it another way, I thought that the value of the experience of playing while wearing a VR device was greater despite accepting this problem.
I'm not sure now. If I were to repeat the routine of the past again, I would think, 'It seems like a hassle.' To that extent, VR is moving away from me. Other situations I go through are also stressing me out. I have an early production copy of the Elite Strap with battery included, and have requested a replacement, but it's already been over a month. But my stuff hasn't even started yet. They just tell us to wait. Do elite straps with batteries have to go to school to be shipped? So, how many years do I have to wait for them to graduate?
Some people may take this issue very lightly. Anyone who has experienced VR knows that a wide and stable space is needed for smooth VR play. However, in reality, not everyone has the ‘recommended’ spacious and stable space. The reason I chose Quest 3 as my VR device was because I thought it would be possible to sense the external environment through pass-through and play in the small space I had. In fact, until I encountered this problem after release, there was no problem as long as I had to endure some minor inconveniences.
Anyway, I hope this problem we are experiencing is resolved quickly. Thank you to everyone who joins me in adding their voices, submitting issues, and sharing their experiences and examples. We hope that this thread will be changed to 'resolved' as soon as possible, and that you can experience fun and safe VR play again.

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There was also an option "space sense" detecting people entering quest boundary, for me on quest 3 v64, it's not working anymore (no more option to enable or disable it)... i try my old quest 2, and i can see the option, but it doesn't detect anything...  This was however an excelent security system...

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I’m having the same problem. WTF?

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