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Quest 3 YouTube playback


I just got the Quest 3 yesterday and I am really disappointed. I like to watch 360 videos from YouTube and I do 360 videos as well. YouTube videos are so blurry and the Quest won't change the resolution above 1080 p

I have the Quest Pro and everything is fine because it is going up to 2160 p which is much better.

If there are no changes in the next 30 days I may return it despite other good things that these goggles offer this particular thing makes me turn away from them. I hope the developers do something about it. It is a shame the Pro is capable of playing back at 2160p and these new much-improved resolution goggles not.


Can you send the link to the video or the name?

All of them are the same, the same link I gave above for the 1080p issue works as an example of this too:

The problem is that YouTube is not serving that video in VR format. It does for other videos such as

The video I linked is a VR video that works in the app. It is true VR with 3D. The video you linked is just a 360 2D video. It doesn’t have 3D in the app or the browser. The browser can’t play VR videos which have 3D, but that doesn’t affect 2D 360 degree videos.

You better check app for VR videos


I have skybox 1.1.5 version which let you play YouTube videos but still is not like Quest Pro. There has to be a way to fix this issue in futire upgrades. How is posibile on Quest pro and not on 3 which has a better processor?

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I just bought my quest 3 today and expected improved video from my quest 2 but it’s much worse. Not cool.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there, everyone! I came across this thread and see you are having issues with the YouTube app not giving a clear display on the Quest 3 devices. I will reach out to our engineering team so we can look into this issue further.

In the meantime, could you please provide the following information? This will help the engineers better understand the issue and find a solution.

  • Are you on PTC?
  • What is the software version for your headset?
  • What is the software version for the Quest mobile app?

Please provide these details whenever you can!

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Hi. Thank you for reaching out to us. The problem with YouTube VR is when I try to watch 360 videos no video goes above 1080p no matter what resolution the video is made. In Skybox beta when I play the same videos it can go up to 2016p which is viewable.

To answer your questions, I am not on PTC, the app version is and in the attached pictures you can find the rest.


I'm seeing the same problems.  360 and VR180 that used to display at high resolution on Quest 2 are capped at 1080p on Quest 3.  It is a major deal breaker for the Quest 3.  The strange thing is, it isn't all videos, even by the same creator.  It is just maybe 90% of them have this issue.  It doesn't seem to be always the newest videos that are better either.

I am not in the PTC.
Software version is
Quest Mobile (which has nothing to do with this) version

Here's are 2 examples of a video what is 2160p on Quest 2 but only 1080p on Quest 3.

Here are 2 examples for videos that do still play at 2160p on both Quest 2 and Quest 3 (which is rare):

I hope this gets fixed quickly as I too am strongly considering sending my Quest 3 back.  This along with the power issues (runtime and issues charging from battery banks without frying them), lag when accessing the main menu, and poor airlink / virtual desktop performance compared to Quest 2, and other random glitches have made me wish I hadn't upgraded. 

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