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Quest 3 YouTube playback


I just got the Quest 3 yesterday and I am really disappointed. I like to watch 360 videos from YouTube and I do 360 videos as well. YouTube videos are so blurry and the Quest won't change the resolution above 1080 p

I have the Quest Pro and everything is fine because it is going up to 2160 p which is much better.

If there are no changes in the next 30 days I may return it despite other good things that these goggles offer this particular thing makes me turn away from them. I hope the developers do something about it. It is a shame the Pro is capable of playing back at 2160p and these new much-improved resolution goggles not.


You say you can't go any further than 4k (2,160px).  That is fixed.  At the start of this it was 1080p.  4k has been the limit for the youtube app all along.  It still sucks and could be better, but that is "fixed" and equivalent to what it was on the Quest 2. 

The Quest 3 or even Quest 2 could certainly display more if youtube allowed it, but youtube has been cutting back on costs across all platforms.  Lower quality video, lower resolution, and loads and loads of ads.

Sorry, but that’s just not true. Before v57 the Youtube App was perfectly fine with playing 8k-videos. There was a field where you could select up to 4320px. Just the same as still is possible in the browser if you go to Youtube there. 
Im aware of the limitations that the Quest 3 still has in displaying resolution. Im not an expert in those graphical matters. But as far as i know those videos at 8k or bigger will be scaled down to the optimum the Q3 can reach. 
Fact is that those high resolution videos (8k or higher) still look sharper when you use the browser and select 4320px (over Youtube App with 2160px).

i do not really understand why it should not be possible to implement something in the app which the browser is capable of doing. 

Thank you for getting back. As one of the people experiencing the original issue of the thread, I just updated my Quest 3 and so far I have been able to see the option to advance to 4k consistently. I'll keep an eye out on it, but so so far it looks like my original issue (not seeing a 4k option on youtube videos tagged as 4k in the Youtube VR app) has been fixed in the v60 update. 

Thank you for relaying the issue to the team and keeping us up to date.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey there, @skyblackmeta! I'm really happy to hear you were able to view 4K videos through the app after the recent update.

@Schluehunter, I went ahead and brought up the issue you're having with being able to view videos in 8K through the app with our engineering teams. I'll let you know what they've said once they get back to me with more information.

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Thanks a lot. I really appreciate your efforts. I hope that your engineering team can come up with a good solution soon. When im presenting VR to friends or family, it helps a lot to impress them with some high quality videos. 4k is already pretty good, but videos shot in 8k (or even 12k or 16k) can even do better.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey guys! Sorry for the long wait. I wanted to let you all know that I heard back from our engineers, and they let me know that YouTube videos should be viewable now in 4K! If you're still having trouble viewing them, I recommend submitting a report so that the teams can look into the issues further.

As far as viewing them in 8K, I am still working on this issue with them. Once I hear more from the teams, I'll let you know what they've said as soon as I can.

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The force shall free me.

Today I got my V64 update and was amazed to see that Youtube App is finally showing 8K content in best quality. Thanks a lot for making that possible again. It’s truly an important Upgrade for me. 

BTW: The Faceless Lady series on Meta TV has also been amazing so far. I have watched the previous videos from Eli Roth. But this one is by far his best work yet. It shows the potential of VR movies and I hope that Meta continues to support that. We need more content than FPS and Zombie Shooters on Quest to attract more people into VR. 

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Aye, let's go! I'm really happy to hear that the 8K feature was able to make it into this recent update. I can't wait to see the quality of the videos next time I view the app.

As for the Faceless Lady, I've never been much of a horror person, but I saw a clip of it, and it looks interesting! Whenever I have the chance, I'll try to give it a try. (Hopefully I'll be able to sleep the next night, but we'll see! 😅)

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The force shall free me.

It’s actually not too scary so far. No need to worry. 
But I still worry a bit about Youtube. There are some videos now which are displayed in 8K (4320s60) which is absolutely great. But others are still in 4k (2160s60) only, although they are displayed as being 8k. You can check that easily with AirPano. Some of their videos (like Tibet) are in 8k now and look awesome. Others (like Las Vegas) are meant to be 8k, but will only be displayed as 4k. It would be great if that could work in 8k with all videos that are shot in 8k+. Maybe V65 will fix that completely? 🙂

Could you actually bring that up once again that basically 8K is possible now in Youtube App, but only for several videos? There are still a lot of videos shot in 8K+ which only use 4K. Just check out Air Pano as an example. Tibet works great in 8K while Las Vegas or San Francisco are still 4k only. If you use Youtube inside your Browser, those videos are displayed in 8K. 

Since it obviously works to use 8K in Youtube App, there should be a solution for that as well. Thanks in advance. 

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