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Quest 3 all of sudden super pixelated/artifacts when using link cable, but AirLink in fine.


I’ve used my quest 3 only a few times, just went to use it today and with the link cable and it is extremely laggy/pixelated, if I look at something blue in the headset for example and turn my head the blue smears all around. I used 2 different cables, different ports on my PC, changed graphics in the Link app, reinstalled the link app, updated the headset and the link app on my PC, and nothing has worked. The weird part is that it is completely when using AirLink. Any help would be appreciated, I’ve tried what feels like everything i’m starting to wonder if the headset port is broken, or maybe it’s some hidden setting on my PC? 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Noahharshaw. Thanks for reaching out to us about your Link Cable experience. We want all of our device experiences to be incredible so we're happy to look into this. A few things we want to ask.


  • Have you tried updating your  graphics driver?
  • Are you able to try the link cable on a different PC?
  • is this for a specific game? or does it happen for all games?

We're looking forward to hearing back from you on this!

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Thanks for your reply. I forgot to mention in my original message that I have also uploaded my graphics drivers. It happens even in the link home menu/hub before choosing which monitor to select to view with link, as well as with all games I have tried. I have not had the chance to try it on another PC yet. I’ve only used the headset a few times, and since I used it last time I have not changed anything and it previously had no issues. 

We appreciate the additional information, @Noahharshaw! Are you using any Antivirus Software? You can try checking the settings of that software for options to whitelist or add Oculus as a trusted program, if you haven't already.


We're also curious if you've tried any different Wi-Fi networks as well as if your router is within your play area.

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Hi, I don't currently have any antivirus software on my PC. My PC is connected to my router via ethernet, and it is only one room away; however, the issue I am describing above does not occur when using AirLink, airlink is actually fine, it is only when I use the link cable(s). Thankls again. 

Hey again @Noahharshaw. Thanks for replying back to us with more information on your issue. This has given us more insight into the issue, and we're eager to give you some suggestions to find a workaround for you. Please consider the following items when using Quest Link in order to improve the display quality:.


  • If you're using OculusDebugTool, it may not be saving the pixel density or oversampling your settings between your PC and your Quest 3. Try changing your pixel sample rate to a lower rate and minimizing any programs running in the background unless necessary. 
  • To get better framerates in your headset display and less pixel distortion, try to use the same pixel density settings in both the VR settings and your PC. For example, if you were to use a pixel density of 1.3 in OculusDebugTool with Quest Link, you'd need to dial the DCS pixel density in the VR settings tab up to 1.3 when using Virtual Desktop or any other apps in any mode you're using. 
  • Also, be mindful of any stressors on the system as a whole. 
  1. Be sure to check your FPS.
  2. Increasing your refresh rate and render resolution will result in improved visuals, but these adjustments could have a negative impact on overall performance. 
  3. Even with some of the newest and most powerful GPUs, maxing out values for the render resolution slider with a 120 Hz refresh rate may result in dropped or missing frames, which creates a less smooth in-VR experience.


If you're not using the OculusDebugTool, then we suggest following the steps in the article here to reset the settings for your resolution in your headset. 


We hope these suggestions were clear, easily applicable and helpful in resolving the issue. If the above suggestions do not work, please let us know so that we can explore other options for you. We're looking forward to your response. 

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Thanks for your reply. I am using 1.2 Pixel density at 90hz, which is what I have used in the past with no issues. Like I mentioned above, this issue even occurs in the link home (the gray room where you select which monitor of your pc you want to view). I tried playing a few different games with the poor quality, and the FPS were actually great, it never dropped below 90fps. It is just the quality of the picture, the first few times I used the headset it looks great, but I can visibly see what look like pixels everywhere I look, and the colors get "smudged" when I look around. I've used the debug tool in the past, and as far as I can tell all the settings are the same as they used to be when I previously used my Quest 3 via link cable with no issues. I can't see this being a result of the capabilities of my PC, as when I was in link I monitored my GPU and CPU usage and they were both low. 

Thanks for sharing that update with us. Just to make sure we can look into everything, we wanted to ask you a couple questions to cross some potential issues off our list.


  • Can you please share your PC specs with us? (Just so we know what we're working with.)
  • Is your Quest 3 software up-to-date?
  • Can you send a screenshot of what you're seeing?

We truly appreciate you working with us to find a solution. Hope to hear from you soon!

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PC Specs: RTX 4070ti, Ryzen 7 7700x, 32gb ddr5, 750W PSU. The specs shouldnt be an issue. My quest 3 software is up to date, I made sure to update/reinstall the link software on my PC, as well as I updated my headset to the newest version. Am I able to send a screenshot of what I see in the headset? Even if not in a game? I think while playing a game and having it mirrored on my monitor it looks fine, I think the issue is only in the headset. Is there a way to take a screenshot within the headset itself? Thanks again, I appreciate your help. 

We appreciate you for providing that information! We're curious- are you using a laptop? We've observed that there does appear to be some variance in performance/compatibility with the laptop version of some GPUs, so we'd like to see if that's the case. Meanwhile, we have instructions for screen recording for both taking a video as well as taking a screenshot within the headset!

If you're the author of a thread, remember to mark a reply as the Accepted Solution to help others find answers!
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