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Quest 3 and Quest PRO controllers 0% update issue

Honored Guest

0% update forever on both PRO controllers that are already sync with a quest 3 headset

What I had done..

Pair them again and again the Q3 got them paired all the time
Hard reset on controllers
Factory reset on Q3 headset (even that involves a huge waste of time)

V64 is the version of the software of my Q3
Nothing worked so far in other post I saw that randomly people finally got this controllers working what was not my situation

Support on chat after we try it everything  ask me to send the pro controllers back what I already did  (I already did all that support was asking for but for respect the support guy time I follow all what he asked for "maybe it works this time by a chance").
As I see this issue as very common I want to know what is going on for PRO controllers, Q3 is perfect for me for work as I use them as tool, but for play even vs Q2 the tracking of quest3 is inferior by a lot.

If there is no proper solution for this I see no point in order another controllers or even keep the quest 3.


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Since in the already open post I cannot write for a non verified email reason (and yes the mail is verified) that's why I open this new post

Hey there, @ST.Shorai! We understand your concerns regarding getting the best resolution for the issue you're experiencing with your controllers not updating! 

We'd like to take a deeper look. In order for us to do that, we'll need to gather some additional information. Kindly send us a PM. Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click :here

Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message.

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Hello you can get all the info from this support tickets

Thanks for providing those details! When taking a further review, all troubleshooting steps have been provided. Therefore, we do recommend continuing to work with our Chat support team to review other options to have you back running smoothly. Of course, if this is not a route you want to take, we do encourage you to continue working with the community to see if any other steps taken by other users can be successful.

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Some people was able to get the update randomly after several attempts and just wait X amount of time, still is annoying as hell and a huge waste of time...

For me VR is not just gaming is a work tool so time maters for me, as example reinstall everything after and unnecessary factory reset in the headset was a huge waste of time.

We completely understand you on this, and understand how time matters to you and other users. Hopefully everything can be sorted out soon! Let us know if you need any additional support. Our PM's are always open! 

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What I will like to know is why this is happening I guess is a firmware issue on V64, if that is the issue the question will be if we can rollback to another versions or if there is even an ETA for the next update and fix, that answer pretty decide if I order another controllers and even keep the Q3

We are still unsure why this may be happening, and we would need more users to report this, in order to better understand if this is in fact an issue with the firmware version. However, we do hope you enjoy your Meta Quest 3 after this is sorted out! 

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Same issue here, bought the pro controllers today and trying to get them to work... no chance, doesn't matter what I try, they're stuck at 0%. Bit of a joke that this is a known issue for YEARS at this price tag. It's not a firmware issue either, I kept my firmware at v63. 

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