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Quest 3 app sharing not working

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Can't get app sharing working with new Quest 3 and the Quest 2 I've had for quite a while. When attempting to enable app sharing on Quest 3 I got the message that I had to turn off app sharing on "the other device". Well, when you go to Accounts and look for app sharing on the Quest 2, the support documents are of no help because the app sharing On/Off button is no longer there. I finally figured out that removing the second account (the only one to which I was sharing apps) essentially turns off app sharing.

So if I, the administrator on Quest 3 and Quest 2 am playing a game on Quest 3, how does the second person play the same game (one that is confirmed OK for app sharing) on the Quest 2? I tried switching to person 2 on the Quest 3, but none of the games are listed for them.


Honored Guest

Additional annoyance is that ALL saved games are lost in this app due to the need to re-install it.

Same thing for me refuses to share 3 times now in 2 weeks!  Lose saved games every time.  Posting here in the hope you get an answer sooner.  My post " Meta Quest 3 not sharing apps"

Same issue. I emailed support and they hinted they are aware of an issue but no hint of a fix on the way

This just keeps happening on my account and more and more titles seem to be no longer eligible for app sharing.

even searching for titles I own and have enabled sharing on my device for are even downloadable on a shared account, they just default to normal paid apps, from Beat Saber, the I expect you to die series and more.

So far, only Demeo seems to be sharable now whereas most of the library was sharable on Quest 2


It seems the amount of titles now available for app sharing are dwindling with Quest 3, most of my library was available to my household on my Quest 2, but since getting a Quest 3, that has reduced now to only a couple of titles.

The app list does now show what is installed and when trying to access titles from the store on a shared account just shows the item for purchase.

Is App Sharing basically worthless now with the Quest 3?

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I upgraded from a Quest 1 to a Quest 3, so now I'm able to add supervised accounts to my headset.  My son (11) enjoys playing VR games, and up until now I've just had access to the single login.  I'd like to set it up so he has his own saves etc, so I enabled app sharing, and set him up with his own account.  When he logs in though, none of the shared apps actually show up.  If/when we try to launch something, it'll need to download a whole new copy of the app, and then ask for an approval request, which comes through as "approve and buy" (tried this with Beat Saber yesterday, and it didn't work).  What's more, if I go to presumably I should see a list of all the apps I own and then be able to approve/deny each of them, correct?  All that's there is the list of free/default apps-none of the shared ones. 

I have deactivated app sharing on the old headset, and tried enabling it on the new one before adding the second account to it.  Still no good.  Is there a solution to this?  Otherwise it makes it very difficult to share with family and keep progress separate in anything that tracks it, unless things are properly adding things like multiple save slots.

Meta Quest Support
Meta Quest Support

Hey everyone! App sharing should definitely be something that doesn't take too much time setting up on your headset, so I'd be happy to point you all in the right direction! 

If not already, I recommend the following:

  1. Remove additional accounts and re-add them.
  2. Try disabling app sharing then re-enabling it.
  3. Reboot your headset:
    1. Hold the Power and Volume Down buttons together until the menu loads.
    2. Use the Volume Buttons to highlight Boot Device and click the Power Button.
  4. Try factory resetting your headset. 

If all else fails, there's also the option to reach out to @MetaQuestSupport through PM. They'll be able to check out what options there are. 


Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

Did this get solved? Lost sharing again for the 4th time on Oct. 30th and sent a message to Meta support.  Surprised I got no acknowledgement, thought I would get a case number or something.  Since then I have had no more loss of sharing, neither after sleeping nor after powering off. 

Hey @Dez54! I would highly suggest checking out those steps and reaching out to the support team if you're still having trouble. They'll be able to help get things set straight. 

Sometimes it's okay to be a little Bing Chilling

Well, I AM the parent. So when we set up the Quest 3 initially was with my daughter's accout, so it appears as She is the Admin account, not Mine, THE PARENT. Yes, we have the family safety thing set up. So I already paid for the game on MY user, the adult! But is not showing on hers... She is the Admin in the headset, not me. So what now???? Do I get my money back???? Why is the game More Expensive in her user than in mine? What do I do now??? (other that wasting time, energy and a lot of anger with this issue)

I am about to return this junk to the store. How is it the THE PARENT cannot control at all the headset. Seriously, this parent thi g is a joke. Makes downloading a nightmare que they want anything, and now that I paid, they can't see it??? Whomever set this up, has no kids, has no clue!

I will here, at the edge on my seat waiti g for your reply because that is All a parent has to do.

Thank you. (I guess). 

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