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Quest 3 controller straps are Faulty

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I recently purchased the quest 3 to upgrade my son's VR from the quest 2. The quest 2 has a reliable wrist strap design which only would malfunction if the strap broke. I'm having serious concerns about how poorly the quest 3 wrist strap was designed. It comes out often - it isn't as big of a locking mechanism as the quest 2 and when playing games that require quick repeated movements - example Gorilla Tag or Gorilla Soccer - if the remote slips out of my son's hand at all - it has launched itself by separating from the wrist strap. 


I used electrical tape to reinforce the area and it still tries to happen. I don't know if I got bad wrist straps or what - but people need to be on the lookout for this because we narrowly missed our flat screen yesterday... Instead hitting a framed picture that exploded upon impact with the controller. 

If this is a known issue with a resolution - please let me know. My son has completely lost faith in the quest 3 controllers and instead is only playing his quest 2... That's a $600 decision on his part which makes me very upset right now. 

Thank you!

Nick J


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi, @MIC_VR11! We def. intend for you and your son to get full return on your investment. From the sound of the suggested activity, upgrading the straps may be the final step to secure the play area. The straps included typically are sufficient but for extreme motion, the Active Straps are recommended. In the meantime, we'll look for more ways to help influence your son to use his Quest 3. Thanks for your patience!

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi again, Nick! We're following up to confirm our thoughts on active straps and your progress made to optimize the existing setup. Let us know if we can assist further!

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