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Quest 3 link: Display is shaking when moving head and lagging

Honored Guest

I am trying to play Blade and Sorcery through SteamVR on my Quest 3 and can get through about 10 minutes of gameplay when I start having this issue. The game will lag for about 3 seconds then the problem will start. The only way to get rid of it is to restart the game and SteamVR, which doesn't help because the shaking and lagging will still happen after playing the game for a little bit. I already have my drivers fully updated, and my specs are way better than what is recommended. I'm also using the official link cable, so I don't know what is causing this issue. I am desperate to solve this, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.



Greetings @logiebogs 

Thanks for telling us this problem. Answer these questions

1. Do you have good Wi-Fi connection?

2. Did you call Meta?

3. Did you restart everything?

4. Did you delete Steam and put it back on again?

With you have any questions, contact Meta.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @logiebogs! We want you to have the best possible experience while enjoying PCVR with us, so we'd love to help! You mention experiencing this while using SteamVR- do you encounter this same issue when playing natively, only through the Quest Link app? We also encourage you to check everything @KaydenHelper124 recommended as well!


We appreciate you @KaydenHelper124! We love when our community comes together!

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I tried playing through the link app with another game and the problem still persists, but this time it took about 25 minutes though.

1. My Wi-Fi connection is good

2. I have contacted Meta through email instead of phone

3. I have restarted both my PC and headset which helped a little and allowed me to play for a little while longer, but the shaking and lagging will still happen after a while

4. I can try this, but I am not sure how it would affect my save files for certain games.

Thank you for offering me these solutions

Hey again @logiebogs! Thank you for providing this additional information, as it does give us a little more insight. There are a few other things that we want to check off the list:


  1. Has there been any drops or hits taken by the headset?
  2. Verify there are no other IR emitters in the same room potentially causing interference.
  3. Check if the issue occurs while the device is on a flat surface without any vibrating objects nearby.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall GPU drivers

Please get back to us with an update, as we are committed to continue working this through with you!

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Honored Guest

I have been having this same issue for months now. I haven't been able to find a fix. I'm using a Quest 2 and oculus store.

Hey there, @MR.Fantastic2001, and thank you for reaching out as well regarding this concern. We definitely want to make sure you're able to enjoy a smooth picture while exploring VR, so we'd be happy to work with you to take a further look into how the PC and the headset are communicating. 

To help us get started, we'd like to gather the same details requested from @logiebogs. As well as the following:

  • Is this issue only seen when using a Quest Link connection to the PC? 
  • Is this same issue seen in all Meta Quest games/apps? 
  • Are both your headset and the PC app fully up-to-date? 
  • What troubleshooting, if any, have you been able to attempt? 

With these details, we'll continue taking a further look. We look forward to hearing from you soon! 

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Honored Guest

I'm having the exact same issue literally identical to yours. it sucks.

We appreciate you bringing to our attention you're also experiencing similar issues as others have voiced in the community, @Deathadder2.0. We know this is holding you back from exploring VR, and we're currently gathering more information to continue looking into this concern further. With us doing so, we'd love to have you provide the requested details above to gain more insight. We want to make sure everyone is able to get back up and running smoothly!

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