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Quest 3 stock strap is insanely uncomfortable

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I honestly cannot play my quest 3 for more than 5-10 minutes at a time before the uncomfortablenes becomes too much to bear and becomes painful. I have owned a Rift, Ridt S, Quests 1, 2, and now 3. I have always been able to play for hours before needing to take a break. The Quest 3 strap is too much. If I could use my elite battery strap from my Quest 2 I would. Is there ANYTHING I can do to make it better?


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@Whoazer wrote:

 Is there ANYTHING I can do to make it better?

Yes, ANYTHING would make it better 🙂 .
I got a cheap elite strap clone for quest 3 off Amazon for about $25. I imagine you can get them even cheaper now. It made it infinitely better.

You may want to take the opportunity to get a strap that has a battery. The BOBOVR M3 is $50 with the battery, but not everyone likes it (I do). I also recommend a silicon face pad cover. I think I paid $12 for mine. It seemed like is should have cost $2, but it fits great and feels better than the cloth.

I agree that for $650, the quest 3 should come with something better than what is essentially a large rubber band, but luckily, there are plenty of cheap accessories out there.


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Community Manager

Hey there @Whoazer! We understand that you are having an issue with your Quest 3 strap. We totally get how this is hindering your well deserved game play. We're going to link an article to Adjusting the fit and feel of your Meta Quest 3. Please let us know if this article helps you out at all! If you're still having discomfort, send us a PM as soon as you can! Please select our name to get to our profile page, or click Here. Next, click "Send a Message" to privately message us! Please remember, you must be signed into the community first to send us a private message. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Is there any update till what time the elite battery strap is functional again ?

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The headset strap is designed to be uncomfortable to the point of turning into torture for the user.
A Silicone one like on the Quest 1 would have cost a few cents more but would have meant people would NOT buy another strap at highly overpriced rates.

That these straps have far to much give and that their tension quickly wears out is bad enough.
But those hard adjusters on the back of your head ????
A lot of people like to watch a movie laying down or at least resting properly - impossible with those hard things poking into your head.
A high quality plastic for the adjuster with a SOFT padding of suitable size on head side would have added a few cents to the costs....
I 'fixed' things by making a mold for a thin silicone cover with 3D printed inserts to clip onto the bands.
Considering the price for the headset I find the supplied strap rather insulting AND MOST PAINFUL to use no matter how you adjust it.
I would love to see a support member wearing it for 3 hours without complaining....

@ kittybeats:
The strap was flawed from day one and 'firmware' updates for the strap won't help to fix a bad design.
The V60 update for the headset might address the USB charging issues and how things like battery packs, chargers and such are handled....

In case you need the added power for mainly seated use:
If you get a USB C LAPTOP POWER SUPPLY you will find the headset charges really fast and that, while plugged in, the battery won't run out of juice.
That is of course only if the power brick is rated for 65W or more AND support both charging and power supply mode as per USB PD standards.
And genuine Lenovo, Del, HP or such power supply should do fine here.

One of the issues with the battery strap is that Mata failed to provide the CORRECT USB protocols.
At the state of the V56 firmware the Quest fails to recognize most PD rated CHARGER - chargers, not power supplies!
And unless Meta came up with some very dedicated protocols for their battery strap it means it acts just as any other USB C power bank.
With the downside of then trying to keep the headset battery charged rather than the headset switching to using the strap battery first to then change to internal once depleted.
On top of that the strap can 'forward' what a connected charger might provide.

Here is how things SHOULD work with the strap, first without a charger connected:
The headset recognises the battery pack as such and switched from internal to external power supply mode.
Once the strap battery runs close to critically low it signals the headset so it can switch back to the internal battery.
At this this stage the user should get a notification to inform about the empty battery.

With an attached charger or power supply of sufficient rating:
The strap shall recognise the capabilities of the charger, switch to the PROPER voltage instead of staying stuck on 5V.
Means checking the battery state of the headset and agreeing on the same Voltage.
Then the headset switches to taking power DIRECTLY from the charger connected to the headset and whatever current is left to spare is used to charger the now unused internal battery.
Once it is full the headset gives the clear for the strap to take the additional power to charge it's battery.
Sadly none of this will ever work as Meta did not consider to equip their devices with a PD rated USB cable, with that also no PD rated internals in the headset.
There is a reason the quest 2 suffers from USB ports melting down, bad and insufficient hardware....
And having the internal battery mounted right behind the hottest parts of the headset does not really help much either.
Especially with this internal fan barely able to provide any flow through the gap in the top of the headset.
What comes out there is often uncomfortably 'warm' .....
Powerful hardware that is limited by insufficient heating and parts unable to provide an ongoing VR experience without forced breaks...

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there @Whoazer! We're just checking on you to see if the article we sent helped you out. We'd love to assist you if you're still having issues!

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